Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Its been a great week. Four flights, some sims, and I'm kickin tail on it all. This whole first assigment instructor thing is shaping up to be a pretty good gig. Now if I could just put off the whole teaching students thing for a while, I won't have to face risking my life on a daily basis too soon.

I ment to write about last weekend. I went up to visit the grandparents on Saturday, which was very nice and relaxing. But on Sunday, went to church by myself, made some new friends at Sunday school, then ended up sitting with some girls I met through other friends at church. They invited me to hang out that afternoon, and I went to a women's Bible study also. It was awesome to see God working through people I've never met to get me connected. I'm only going to be in San Antonio for a few months, but I know a lot will happen here.

A little political note for the day: Bloggers are now challenging the journalists of America. No longer do we have to rely on the main-stream media for all of our information. Not only do we have normal people commenting on our political system, but also including video blogs (known as vlogs) that allow us to see what our representatives are really saying, not what our liberal media wants us to hear. "I believe vlogging has the potential to kill off agenda-driven, gotcha journalism. Newsmakers can now go straight to the people with the facts, not run them through the filter of what Rush [Limbaugh] calls 'the drive-by media.'" From the Beltway Blogroll.

Now I'm off to buy a bicycle! It's ment for the triathalon next weekend, but I plan on using it a lot in the couple of months while I'm here, and seeking out new places to mountain bike back in the 39705, even though Mississippi doesn't really have mountains....


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