Friday, May 05, 2006

another week down....

Its finally Friday again. The weekend will once again go by too fast, but for right now I'm enjoying my caramel macchiato and the atmosphere at good ol' Starbucks.... aaaahh, Starbucks, what would I do without you?

Since I had my qualification checkride early this week, I've gotten into the acrobatics portion of the program, and let me tell you, it has been a breath of fresh air. To be able to do a cloverleaf and loops, aileron rolls and barrel rolls has allowed me to really look forward to flying again. I mean, there is never a bad day when you get to take a jet up into the wild blue yonder, but it's an even better day when you get to be inverted and pull some G's. And on Monday, we are starting FORMATION!!! I got excited just seeing it on the schedule.

I discovered a great band this week. Cruiserweight is a Texas-based band that was at South by Southwest (I'm still bummed I missed it... one of my goals in life is to make it!). I love, love, love punk/pop/rock bands with a chick for a "frontman." They kind of remind me a bit of The Benjamin Gate for those of you familiar with the Christian alt scene, not as hard as Tsunami Bomb, the happiness of Letters to Cleo, and maybe the harmonies of The Juliana Theory.

You can check their tunes out here for a song download at the SXSW website or they are also on MySpace and iTunes of course (I spend way too much dinero on that thing... its dangerous, I've warned you!!). They will be in Austin at Emo's on the 19th. Hopefully I'll be heading to that show too. I really need to find someone who like good tunes who will go with me to all these concerts, haha.


At 5:49 PM, Anonymous Brittany "Lemmonjello" Lemmons said...

it makes me smile when i read good blogs. glad to head things are going well in Texas and that your learnings are going smoothly. and erin, just so you don't make the same mistake's a green tea frappacino (sp?). i know you know that's the only real drink at starbucks ;) oooo i'm just playing!


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