Tuesday, May 02, 2006

good news you won't hear from CNN, NBC

I have to make up for posting so little in the last week. I found this on Instapundit. Not really the message we are getting from our major news sources...

April 30, 2006: Despite the many brickbats of the media, al Qaeda has been defeated in Iraq, and is now retreating to lick its wounds where it can. If it can. Just over four and a half years, al Qaeda has gone from being the dominant terrorist group in the world to a defeated shell of its former self. In trying to defeat the United States, al Qaeda made three big mistakes: They fought the last information war, they underestimated the American leadership, and they also managed to anger the Iraqi people.

From the moment the United States and al Qaeda began fighting in Afghanistan, the terrorists were looking for a chance to re-create images similar to those of American troops being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu in 1993 or Walter Cronkite calling the Vietnam War a stalemate in 1968. It was hoped that such a moment would cause a dramatic drop in support for the war among the American people and force the United States out of Iraq. It did not happen.

Read the whole thing.

And from Blonde Sagacity, whose always witty dialogue includes some info on Andy Garcia's new movie about the communist takeover of Cuba (one of the few movies which I plan on seeing), and an interesting point about how all the most polluted cities are in blue states.... makes you think. Read more here. I love reading your stuff girl. Its funny how all the Conservative women are so beautiful. Funny...


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