Monday, June 12, 2006

saying goodbye to texas

Wow, that sounds like a bad country song... Yes, its true, I will be out of here in about a week and a half. Despite all of my efforts to remain here as long as possible, they are double turning me (flying me twice a day) into oblivion and I will finish instructor training in under three months. It will be nice not being a student anymore, but I wish I didn't have to leave the big city. I like Starbucks and tubing, visiting my grandparents, good concerts that are of short supply in the South, the friends that are here (partucularly the girlfriends, my church here in San Antonio), and so much more. As I look back at how upset I was to get FAIP, I know atleast that God wanted me here and now, and has taught me a lot. So I'm sure there is more of that waiting for me back in Columbus. Stay tuned kids....


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