Saturday, July 01, 2006

weekly top ten.. a new beginning

So I decided I'm going to start a weekly top ten. Every weekend, I'll have a random top ten, a la Letterman, and hopefully just as funny, or interesting in some way. This is one I have been thinking about since my drive back to Columbus.

Top ten things I miss about San Antonio:

10. The great parks and hiking available in beautiful Texas hillcountry. It was great fun mountain biking around when I got the chance.

9. Tubing on the Guadelupe. What a way to relax on the weekend.

8. The concert music selection available in central Texas. Between Austin, Gruene, and San Antonio, there was something good to see every time I wanted to hear some good music. Snow Patrol, The Fray, James Blunt, and Lifehouse were among the bands I saw while I was there.

7. Starbucks... need I say more? Well, Target too. And Macaroni Grill. And every other store or resturaunt that is not available in Columbus.

6. Playing Settlers (my favorite game) with Brent and Mary, Jon and Christina, and everyone else who joined us for game night. I always have so much fun on those little get-togethers.

5. Ok, some things I will not miss: being a student, the heat of Texas, being a student, talking the whole time while I fly, driving so far to get anywhere, being a student....

4. Living with Ellen and Sam! They were great roomies. Squirt misses Bandit too. There isn't anyone he can destroy a toy with.

3. Oak Hills Church and the singles group there. It was so easy to meet people and get involved. There was always something to do, whether it was going to lunch with everyone after church or sand volleyball or small groups.

2. My women's small group. They showed me how much I need a core group of Christian women as a support in my life once again. I needed reminding.

1. The friends I made there. I am always amazed how close you can get with people you didn't know very well to begin with in such a short time. And everyone needs some non-AF friends. They were in abundance in San Antonio. You guys changed my life, and for that I thank you.


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