Tuesday, August 15, 2006


As we watch Islamic terrorism daily, I hope most people desire to know exactly the kind of people we are up against. I am currently reading The Legacy of Jihad, edited by Andrew Bostom. Excellent read, especially for anyone who wants to know the historical context of the current Islamofascist movement. In particular, it focuses on dhimmis, or those people who lived under Muslim rule but are not Muslim themselves. Michelle Malkin's blog has highlighted recent instances of dhimmitude. She is currently on vacation, but guest blogger Diana West has more on the subject here. She sums up recent events:
So here we are. Britain narrowly averts another 9/11 that was to have been caused by British Muslim terrorists, and British Muslim leaders take the opportuity to press forward a political agenda (ending GB-US cooperation abroad, and urging the adoption of sharia at home) that could only please the terrorists. What happens next will tell us how deeply into dhimmitude Great Britain really is.
But oh, wait, Islamic history is "spotless". Diane, I look forward to reading more.


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