Wednesday, September 13, 2006

why feminists are all old

You would think that since I am a women in the military, a child of Title IX, I would be all for equal rights, women on the front lines, and all that. I have to say I am on an individual level. I wish I could do my part as a fighter pilot when I get there, be a liason to the Army and help train forward air controlers, or even be one myself. Many fighter and bomber pilots are called on to do that service, and I feel like I am not pulling my weight because I am not allowed to do that aspect of service.

On a large scale, however, I know that men and women are not the same. We are made differently, our strengths and weaknesses, the way we process information. I work with mostly men, so I see the way they think on a daily basis. This is a great thing because we can accomplish more as a team. I do not understand, and I think the majority of my generation does not either, the claims of staunch feminists that want everything exactly the same for us all, or even more rights for women. Phyllis Schlafly comments on this much better than I do in her opinion yesterday.
Family court judges issue 2 million temporary restraining orders every year, half of which are routinely extended, 85 percent are against men, and half do not include any allegation of violence but rely on vague complaints made without evidence.
The supply of 1,500 new domestic violence laws enacted by states from 1997 to 2005 is largely the handiwork of targeted lobbying by feminists funded by the multimillion-dollar federal boondoggle called the Violence Against Women Act. The act is blatantly gender discriminatory; as its title proclaims, it is designed to address only complaints by women. The Violence Against Women Act provides taxpayer funding to feminists to teach legislators, judges and prosecutors the stereotypes that men are batterers and women are victims.

How can logic stand up to a group of peope having more power in the eyes of the law than another?

The other thing that would prevent me from listening to anything that came out of a feminist's mouth with any conscious thought would be the lack of criticism of Islamofascists. How can women who burned their bras 30 years ago not be outraged at a society that requires women dress in brukas, be denied education, practiacally promotes domestic violence, if not simply ignores it. It must not be their fault, but ours. Something tells me if those stories were true, we would have heard about them long ago.


At 9:44 AM, Anonymous Dennis Collins said...

is reading Mars and Venus in the Workplace so she could learn to "speak guy" and had an interesting comment:

One of the important points my book makes is that women state problems even when they already know the solution, inviting the other person to suggest what to do. It's true, I do this all the time. It's a collaborative thing. Allowing the other person to complete the solution is polite and inclusive. But it's the wrong thing to do. Apparently guys don't understand that we actually know what to do and think that because we asked the question, we need them to answer it for us. No wonder guys think women are stupid!

About women in combat, I don't think the biggest problem is physical strength, which is the subject that always comes up. I think the biggest problem is the reaction of men around women. Women tend to "civilize" men, and distract them from the business at hand. Neither of which is a good thing in a combat situation. It's not womens fault that men are that way. At the same time I think it's impossible to "train" men to totally ignore the sex of the person next to them. The academic world has finally acknowledged that men and womens minds actually work different (duh), so attempting to train away genetics would have limited success.

There, I've stated a problem that I have my answer to, but I'll let someone else answer it out loud.

At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Dennis Collins said...

For some reason the link got messed up in the preceding comment. It should start:

Aviatrix Canada is reading ....

The whole post looks like it links to her blog, so I'll not try that again, lest something else go wrong.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Greybeard said...

Well Dennis, if ya had to encounter "computer poltergeists", at least your link is to a quality blog, and the subject applies quite aptly here, too!

And CP:
I've wondered the same thing-
Where were the fems when Bubba Bill was denying Paula her civil rights?

At 7:09 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

You know my thoughts on the subject. Men and women are indeed very different ... created in the image of God, but different. We were never intended by God to do exactly the same thing. It's hard-wired, from the beginning of time.


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