Sunday, October 22, 2006

internet free speech under attack

First Yahoo! and Google gave up political dissidents in China. Now miliblogging is dying a slow death thanks to our own and LiveJournal is connected with the Russian government, which is defiantly not known for its support of human rights or free speech. Its a multiple front war on the tenets of our way of life, what makes this country great, and most of us sit idly by and watch it happen. You can do something about it. Live free or die brothers!

Hat tip: Instapundit

I do not know if I would put Bob Woodward and Anna Politkovskaya on the same level, but I think she should be highly honored.
If there was a Nobel Prize for journalistic courage, Mrs. Politkovskaya, who was born in New York, the daughter of Soviet diplomats, would have won it hands down. She had faced death several times, including 2004 when she was poisoned and nearly died.
Mr. Putin's Russia, it's time to say, is a gangster state, a synonymic phrase for what he calls "managed democracy." How right she was in calling Mr. Putin's leadership "bloody."
Mrs. Politkovskaya was the 13th Russian journalist killed in the six years since Mr. Putin took over, according to the Economist. Reporters Without Borders gives a higher figure: 21 journalists killed in Russia in the same period.


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