Tuesday, October 10, 2006

last day of freedom

Tomorrow is my last day of leave. Its a travel day, so it doesn't really count, but I do have time in the morning to go hit some golf balls with my dad and have breakfast before heading off to the airport for the whole ordeal. I did not get as much done while I was home than I wanted, but did get in some much needed shopping (come on, I am a girl) and get my two seconds of fame. Now all that's left is fitting everything back into my suitcase. I'm looking forward to getting home t seeing my dog and finish up my first pilot training class.

A few links of note while I have the chance:

Sen McCain guest blogging at Captain's Quarters
Discussing indifference in the face of Islamic attacks on free speech at brain terminal
Dennis Collins discusses new space policy over at HangarView
Chopper Chick has some awesome fire photos from Cali

Sweet video from The Thermals via clever titles are so last summer

There are downloadable mp3s as well. Enjoy!


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