Monday, November 20, 2006

10 reasons to marry a female fighter pilot


10. Don't have to spend hours in the mall looking for accessories. The life support shop provides everything she needs.

9. Arguments are a lot shorter because you both use acronyms to insult each other.

8. She insists on buying a stroller with a gold plated canopy and the baby's name and callsign stenciled on the side.

7. A conversation about boom vs probe-n-drogue refueling turns into a night of dirty talking.

6. Her occupation takes her from 0-600mph in 18 seconds.

5. She brings you souviners from deployments in the travel pod. Everything was frozen but its the thought that counts.

4. She looks gorgeous in an evening gown or in a flightsuit.

3. You would never be tempted to cheat because you know she can put a GBU-10 through the bedroom window.

2. If she ever shoots down an enemy jet, you can spend the next 10 years telling everyone you meet "That was my wife!"

And the number one reason to marry a female fighter pilot:

1. She followed you into the men's room at the bar

From the Chick Fighter Pilot Association.


At 3:37 PM, Blogger Flightfire said...

I'm sold, how do I get me one of those.


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