Wednesday, November 08, 2006

its ok to insult soldiers

In a world where so many of our politicians strive to be politically correct in everything they say and do, the thing that confuses me the most about John Kerry's military comment last week is why he did not immediately apologize for the fact that he might have offended anyone. If he would have said the same thing about auto workers, plumbers, the Hispanic or black communities, women, or any other group of people in this country he would undoubtedly been denounced and attacked exponentially more than he has been in the media. Or would he? Are groups in the mainstream media downplaying Kerry's statement due to the fact that they agree with his policies, his statement, or the group it was addressed to, maybe a combination of the three? It seems as if we are spring loaded to cater to any minority group other than the military. Most pundits understand that the military is more conservative than the general population; more servicemen come from red states rather than blue states. Other than this blog and some general discussion about specific laws and policies that are important to me, I generally try to not involve myself with politics in everyday life. I think it is important that the military is as impartial as it can be and will always answer to the Commander-in-Chief, no matter his or her political affiliation. As long as no one in my chain of command asks me to do anything illegal, I will be proud to serve whoever holds the office of President of the United States. The outcome of the yesterday's election will determine whether or not Senator Kerry's statement and lack of appropriate apology will effect the election. For my money, I think he has ruined his chances at a Presidential bid, and lost any remaining credibility he had with military members, their families, and their supporters.

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