Tuesday, January 02, 2007

stuck again! travel woes....

My plane to Dallas was delayed four hours for a hydraulic leak. Now if I was flying myself, this wouldn't happen. I guess that means more time to blog and a few less hours at work tomorrow. Oh well! One thing that really bothers me is how much people blame travel delays on those who have no say or control of aircraft and where they go. I hear comments like, "I'm never flying American again, I always fly Southwest anyway. This never happens with Southwest." Are you kidding me? I guarentee Southwest has mechanical problems also. Would you rather they fly malfunctioning aircraft? You would not drive a car that was leaking break fluid now would you? Those of you who are not pilots, just remember the reason you are delayed is probably not the fault of the pilot, the stewards/esses, and mostly not the airlines either. Weather happens, malfunctions happen. Your good attitude will probably translate into nice attitudes from everyone serving you and help your delay to be less painful. Alright, off the soap box...

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I watched the last quarter of last night's amazing Fiesta Bowl from a sports bar about half a mile away (they have my favorite beer, among about 100 others). It was glorious, well played boys, well played.

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At 12:18 PM, Blogger DailyAviator said...

Sometimes delays are the fault of the airlines.

My horror story was a Northwest flight out of Minneapolis. The plane was there when we got to the airport, a good two hours early. My first thought was, wow, what an inefficient airline, to have that equipment sitting there in prime flying hours. Second thought was, well, at least we won't have to wait on the airplane to get here.

When time came to board, we couldn't, because there was no cabin crew. The flight in the next gate over couldn't board because there was no flight crew.

After waiting another hour, we finally began boarding. The boarding process alone took a full hour (I clocked it). We pushed back and taxied across the ramp and shut down for an hour plus for "bad weather" (I've been flying for thirty years, and it didn't look very bad to me).

Then without explanation they canceled the flight, taxied back across the ramp and we unloaded.

That was my first, and last, Northwest flight.

No, Southwest wouldn't have done that. For one thing, they would never have let an aircraft sit empty at a gate for two hours. They'd be flying it somewhere with paying passengers, loaded in 20 minutes flat. Sit down, shut up, let's fly.

At 12:21 PM, Blogger DailyAviator said...

Let me expand just a wee bit on the previous comment. There are way worse horror stories out there, but that wasn't my beef with Northwest. It's just that it was so obvious that they were incompetently run. And the people were rude too.

Just don't want to fly on an incompetently run airline. You never know where the incompetence will expose itself.


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