Sunday, February 04, 2007

the fray gets tweet rides + concert review

Last Tuesday the stars aligned and the winds blew The Fray and Mute Math to Starkville, MS for our listening pleasure. But before they stepped on stage, the dudes from the Fray were blessed with a T-37 formation sortie. That's right, one of the guys in my squadron went to high school with a couple of them back in the day and the higher ups deemed the top 40 wonders worthy of an orientation ride. So two two-ship formations cast them into the burning blue where they flew three feet from each other cheating death. After returning safely and kissing the ground they walked on, they stuck around the squadron bar to take pictures and sign autographs. While I was not squeeling at the top of my lungs or foaming at the mouth, I did take the opportunity to snap a photo with the frontman, who was looking somewhat worse for the wear.

Thankfully their expereince did not affect their performance later that night. My roommate and I were stuck in the nosebleed section with the hippie college riff raff (for the most part) that made me feel old (at 24?), but it was still a good time. I have to admit though Mute Math stole the show. How could you not love a band that rocks the keytar with a lead singer who jumps around like a kangaroo on crack? The boys from New Orleans have more energy than I have ever seen on stage, and they definatly sacrifce for their art. For example:

Mute Math is now on tour in the UK, but I would highly recommend seeing them if you ever get the chance.

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