Wednesday, March 28, 2007

what no dinosaurs?

An excerpt from an interview with Michael Crichton. I have always had great respect for the man, and this just added to it. Over at The Daily Ablution, he speaks with Scott Burgess about the global warming "consensus" among other things
What is the most serious threat facing our civilisation?

Loss of classical liberal values in those western societies that embraced them.

England was the first modern state, the first superpower, the first nation to deal with moral issues around the world, and the first nation to install the benefits of what we might now loosely term a liberal society. I mean that in the 19th century sense of liberalism. That notion of liberalism was also present in America, but made it to the Continent only in a pale and limited form. It is a wonderful social conception that must be vigilantly guarded. It is not shared by other nations in the world. Nor is it shared by many citizens in English-speaking countries. Peculiarly, many of our most educated citizens are least sympathetic to classical liberal ideals. Indeed the term 'liberalism' in the modern day has come to imply a constellation of attitudes that John Stuart Mill would not recognize as liberal at all. Nor would, say, John F. Kennedy recognize them as liberal. Kennedy's conception of liberalism was simultaneously more tolerant and more tough-minded: tolerant about varieties of behavior within the society, and tough-minded toward threats to a tolerant society from without.

That's all gone, now. Today there is far too much sensitivity within societies, and too little hard-nosed recognition of threats from without. We are inclined to be intolerant of speech by our friends and neighbors, and tolerant of beheadings, rape, and homophobia in distant lands.

This makes no sense. But here we are.

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At 10:04 AM, Blogger Ron said...

That is one thing I despise about liberals, especially those of the elitist variety.

While espousing multiculturalsm and saying how we can not look down on other cultures, and while saying how dare we think of western culture as superior, have a special kind of viciousness for others in their own countries, whom they look down upon with seething hatred if they do not have the right kind of politics or pursuits.


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