Sunday, May 06, 2007

army nat'l guard reaches full strength

For the first time since 1999:
The Army National Guard reached its congressionally authorized end strength of 350,000 Citizen-Soldiers on March 30, six months earlier than originally projected, Army Guard officials have reported.

"The strength of the Guard has been the amazing levels of retention among members of deployed units, surpassing all expectations," said Lt. Col. Diana Craun, the Army Guard’s deputy chief for strength maintenance.

"Retention is highest among units that have returned from deployments, and retention is an essential element in end strength," she added.

It is the first time that the Army Guard has been at full strength since 1999, Craun said. Officials had projected that the Army Guard would reach 350,000 troops by Sept. 30, the end of this fiscal year.

Article here, which also explains the reasons why they have been so successful. Via Instapundit.

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At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Jim Howard said...

I did my bit!

My son got back from Army NG Basic in January.


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