Sunday, December 31, 2006

no resolutions

My ten possible options for celebrating the New Year shrunk to two.... and they are not very exciting until later tonight, so once again I'm bored. Now I'm listening to back episodes of The Glenn and Helen Show, some Hugh Hewitt, grappling with my new Bluetooth, and thinking about the coming year.

New Year's resolutions are just asking to be broken. Instead, I am going to post my goals for the year, and maybe I'll remember next December to post how well I accomplished them. Well, here goes....

1. Start my Master's and actually do well. Since I have already signed up for this one, registered, and they have my money, I think this one's in the bag. I could make a goal of getting a 4.0 or to be half way done with my degree by the end of next year, but just getting started is.... a good start. I'm actually really excited that I found a National Security/Terrorism degree online. Hopefully it proves interesting and useful.

2. Complete an Olympic distance triathlon. I did two sprint triathlons last year, had a blast, learned a lot, and I'm ready for more. Let's just hope my knees and shoulder hold up. (Dude, you'd think I was old or something...)

3. Read, no wait, finish a book every month. I have a tendency to buy books, start them, but not finish them. So looking to follow through this year.

4. Get qualified in a new jet... or prop, I guess. Hey, its a prop run by a jet engine. This one's a gimme also, since it is a requirement of my job to learn the T-6 Texan II this March. I'm totally stoked to fly something with air conditioning... oh, and GPS. Plus the AF pays me to get the heck out of MS!

5. Not watch any tv that has anything to do with what celebrities buy, throw away, wear, don't wear, awards they are given, awards they give themselves, and so on.... No more reruns of CSI that I have already seen three times either. So generally not watch tv. This goal should help with the book reading. The cutting back on CSI will be hard though. Curse you Spike tv!

UPDATE: My last options for New Year's celebrations fell through, so I am officially depressed and doomed to watching Nickolodeon with my 11 year old brother to ring in the new year....

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At 2:56 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Bored on vacation, that's a bummer. When do you go back "home?" I like your goals for the year. Sounds like it should be a fun 2007 for you.

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