Saturday, March 17, 2007

funny haha or funny weird?

So apparently women laugh more than men. I do not find this all that suprising. I might make an interesting subject to study in reference to how much I laugh in comparison to my male counterparts, seeing as I am out numbered by them, oh lets say 15-1. I work with some pretty funny guys, so they keep my chuckling. But when they laugh at me, its generally at me not with me. Things usually go like this:

Me: "Boy they really know how to please a girl."
Other guy: "So to speak!"
Every one laughs.

Anything that I say that could at all be associated with a sexual reference generally is. The expert says laughter all comes down to attraction anyway. Guys are trying to attract women, and women are attracted to funny men. Therefore women laugh at men they are attracted to.... vicious cycle if you are not the "funny guy" in your office. I knew there would be another plus of laughing too much!

Article from NYT via Instapundit.



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