Tuesday, May 01, 2007

these guys rock

I hope I do not get any "those kids and they're darned hippie music" comments, but I have loved Mute Math for a long time. I saw them in concert a few months ago, and they just have a unique sound and great energy. And how could you not love a band that rocks a keytar? I'm posting about them again because they will be in Austin this Thursday, and I'm going to see them again! YES!

Here's the new video of "Typical." It seems like a boy's dream, making a big mess with paint and silly string, breaking stuff. But all backwards like that had to be tough. I can say though the finished product is amazing. I'm going to go ahead and call it the next OK go internet gem.

The making of the video.... its pretty funny watching them doing everything backwards

Live performance on Kimmel

Their song has even made it to American Idol, with really does use good songs for the most part.

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